A picture taken on February 17, 2015 show Cameroonese soldiers patrolling in city of Waza, northern Cameroon. Cameroon’s army says it has killed 86 Boko Haram militants and detained 1,000 people suspected of links to the Islamist group, as central African leaders held talks on how to combat its bloody insurgency. Five Cameroonian soldiers were also killed during the clashes in the Waza region near the border with Nigeria, defence ministry spokesman Didier Badjeck said on February 16. AFP PHOTO / REINNIER KAZE (Photo credit: Reinnier KAZE/AFP via Getty Images)

Felicia S. C. Gooden, M.S.

Owner and Chief Strategist @ The Cultured Scholar Strategic Communications, LLC. | Visionary | Publisher @ www.awakeneddemagogue.com

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